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Decorative Concrete Overlay


Boring, old, plain, grey, pitted, or otherwise deteriorated concrete is a thing of the past and can now be transformed into a beautiful element of your property. That’s right! Whether it needs a facelift or you just want to add beautiful presentation to your property, our finishes will add stunning curb appeal on the outside, or design and style to the inside of your business or home. In many cases, we can also install over tile!

Redline Coatings’ concrete overlay system is a completely customizable resurfacing system that is installed over both new and old concrete, providing a complete resurfacing of the entire area. But this is not just a repair solution; it’s the next step to finishing and beautifying otherwise plain dull concrete. Our high end, artisan-style finishes are done by hand NOT stamped, and our multi-staged coloring process is unsurpassed –– BY ANYONE!

With endless variations in texture, color, style, and patterns, no two are exactly the same. Every finish we do is designed specifically for the client. We will work with you to create a beautiful finish all your own, and the process is easy. It begins with a scheduled visit to our showroom. After viewing a wide range of finishes and textures, we will start to get a feel for what you are looking for. If you have done your homework and have some specific ideas and pictures, we encourage you to bring them with you. Upon receipt of deposit, a sample board is made for your approval and then we proceed to scheduling. It’s that simple!

“What happens if I don’t like the sample?” you ask.

It is very rare that a second sample board needs to be made. Once you pick your texture and finish, it all boils down to color and that can be “tweaked” at the job site. In fact, we encourage you to be there when we start coloring so that we can adjust it to your liking right on the spot.

Applications: Interior and Exterior. Driveways, walk ways, patios, garage floors, basement floors, store fronts, building entrances, pool decks, store floors. Virtually any concrete surface that you want to make beautiful.

Expert Painting and Staining


We offer virtually all types of interior paint applications for your business or your home. Whether it is one wall, a room, your offices, or a warehouse, we demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, cleanliness, and respect for your property.

Interior paint services: Custom painting, drywall repair, skim coating, patching and finishing, plaster repair, staining and finishing, wood trim renewal, wallpaper removal, etc.


Maintain beauty and protection. Restore curb appeal. Once again, our craftsmanship, attention to detail, cleanliness, and respect for your property will be apparent in our daily operations from routine finish maintenance to full exterior paint and stain application.

We have extensive experience in protecting and renewing virtually all types of exteriors including: cedar, wood, aluminum, Dryvit, stucco, brick, etc. We provide a careful eye to your property with free exterior paint and stain inspections and recommendations. We will NEVER try to offer you a service that you don’t need. Furthermore, with an extensive knowledge of the latest coatings technology, you can be sure that we will be able to offer you the most cost effective solution to fit your needs.

Exterior Paint Services: Exterior paint and stain application, trim repair, wood replacement, etc.

Faux finishes and textures

When you think of faux finishing, you probably imagine the likes of sponge painting and ragging that became very popular in the 90s. The truth is faux finishing/painting and Trompe l’oeil (literally meaning “deceives the eye”) is an art that has been around for thousands of years. True faux artisans would traditionally have to apprentice for years with a master faux painter to learn the meticulous craft of striking illusions of depth, texture, and form. The best of these artisans were the style makers of their day and were in high demand to bring beauty to the villas and estates of the finest families and structures.

In recent years, once again, masters emerge to the forefront with unbelievable finishes that would surpass the expectations of even the most discriminating eye. With an endless variety of products, finishes, and textures employing thousands of color possibilities, there are no limits to the effects that we can create. Let us help you define your space with an exquisite finish customized just for YOU.

Cabinet refinishing

Are your cabinets worn, unsightly, or outdated? We have great news! They can be restored or refinished for far less than replacing them. And no, we don’t have to occupy your home or business for endless amounts of time applying offensive strippers and chemicals to remove the current finish. Our process is a cost effective way to turn your cabinetry from drab to “fab”! No stripping! No sanding!

Our innovative, proprietary methods and products will completely transform your old, worn out, or outdated cabinetry into the look of high-end cabinetry for far less than the cost of replacement. There is no demolition, and best of all, you don’t have to empty out your cabinets! Most of the work (doors and drawers) is done off sight at our location, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Whether you would like us to return your cabinets to their original glory or you want to completely change the look and color, we can help. We have very popular paint options, color change options, antiquing, color toning, glazing, highlighting, two tone, applied moldings, crown molding, and custom finishes. And all of our finishes include clear coat for enhanced durability.

You may visit our showroom by appointment, or we can come to your home with samples. Either way, CALL TODAY!

Vertical Concrete Overlay

Did you know that decorative concrete overlays could be installed vertically? With very high adhesion characteristics, our premium wall finish installations can be applied over almost any surface such as drywall, tile, brick, concrete walls, etc. Vertical concrete is just an awesome medium! Just like with faux finishes, the textures and colors are unlimited and even better. They are highly durable.

Our systems can be applied both indoors and out and even inside of shower stalls to cover that outdated tile. Imagine the looks of Venetian plaster, stacked stones, brick, block, tile, etc. all done in concrete! The possibilities are endless!

Vertical installations are also a perfect way to get around lead laws in older buildings and residences that were constructed pre-1978. If you are not familiar with this law, it quite simply states that if your property was built pre-1978 and your project will require the disturbance or demolition to an area that is greater than 6 square feet, your contractor must be state certified and must follow lead safe practices whether the presence of lead is evident OR NOT. Guess what that does to the price to complete? You got it! It can double and even triple the cost to do the project.

The law, however, does allow for what is known as “encapsulation” without disturbance. This means that areas can be covered over such as is done when painting. If your aging business or home has outdated tile, our vertical applications can go right over them without disturbing the substrate beneath it and effectively encapsulating it without any demolition. We can transform that old tile into a high-end, beautiful, updated wall finish that you have to see to believe.

Applications: Walls, accent walls, brick transformation, tile transformation, shower stalls, concrete basement walls, back splashes, etc.

Counter top overlays

This system is an absolute showstopper!! Engineered to go directly over Formica, laminates, solid surface material, granite, etc. our counter top overlay system will blow your mind! You simply must see it to believe it! Creating stunning visual effect is our specialty. Again, these finishes are totally customizable, and each finish is designed just for you! we create highly dramatic artful finishes that are unlike anything else on the market. Designers love the flexibility to dream up a one-of-a-kind finish in virtually any color and texture. Let us know when you would like to come by to view our samples. You will not be disappointed.

For your new construction project, we can also fabricate the counter tops for you.

Applications: Kitchen and bathroom counter tops, table tops, commercial serving counters, furniture, etc.

Epoxy flooring solutions

Standard epoxy systems

Epoxy flooring systems are not only beautiful; they’re highly functional. Used in industry for many years, these systems provide the end user with a highly wear resistant, durable, easy to clean, chemically resistant, optionally slip resistant, safe, and environmentally friendly flooring solution. With standard colors and custom color options, we can provide you with a floor that suits virtually any design concept. We also offer full quartz blends as well as random and dual broadcast colored flake systems.

Is your concrete surface spalled, pitted, damaged, stained, or worn? We can help! Through the use of epoxy mortars, blends and overlays, we can make any surface look brand new!

Applications: Garage floors, shop/store floors, hangars, bays, stores, restaurants, food prep areas, office flooring, and virtually any other interior concrete floor that needs the perfect combination of beauty and functionality.

Metal Illusions epoxy flooring

Our Metal Illusions epoxy flooring system is the hottest epoxy flooring system on the market! Consisting of a colored primer and two component clear epoxy, as well as stains and metallic additives, this finish will simply amaze you! With a virtually endless color pallet, its multidimensional 3d like appearance, and amazing reflectivity, our Metal Illusions epoxy flooring system will give you the “WOW” effect you’ve been searching for. Best of all it’s affordable, typically costing about the same as low-end tile installation.

Applications: Virtually any interior concrete surface.

iCOAT products

For more information on iCOAT products, and if you would like to learn these techniques please call or email us. You may also visit iCOAT’s website.